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Your PBL Planning Partner

Leverage our AI platform to simplify project planning and create tailored, impactful projects for your students with ease.

Watch Project Design in Action!

Discover how to utilize The Project Builder to create customized, impactful projects for your students. The video will illustrate its functionality and how you can select and modify projects at each stage.

Review Some Sample Projects

Take a look at some classic project ideas that we have revamped using our project builder.

Ready For Access?

You can enjoy a free 1-week trial of the Project Builder to explore all its features. Additionally, the Project Builder is FREE for a whole year when you sign up for our PBL Reimagined Workshop. 

  1. Open Online Workshop: Join our next scheduled session.
  2. Professional Development for Schools or Districts: Arrange a custom workshop for up to 40 participants.

For pricing and details, please get in touch with us at

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